Two Crow Healing
A healing sanctuary
Located in native Tübatulabal land, Two Crow is home to vast piñon and juniper groves, ravens, and scrub jays, coyotes and chipmunks, making it an ideal location to quiet the mind and care for the spirit. We are grateful to the people who have tended to this land for thousands of years, for without them, we would not be here today. Two Crow offers a safe space for friends and relatives to heal and be healed. We believe what the ancient teachers taught that what is in the individual is in the whole and we are all connected. We welcome all those searching for healing. For all our relations. Aho Mitakuye Oyasin
To heal is to become whole

Nestled in the Eastern Sierras, we are located in traditional homeland of the Tübatulabal people, who cared for and tended to the land for thousands of years.